Democratic Debate #4: The Results Are In…

Resonate’s AI-driven voter insights drawn from best-in-class survey research and analyzing both online and offline behaviors, reveals a dynamic, nuanced picture of the American electorate. Resonate’s insights go beyond an analysis of the static voter file or other third-party data. Unlike traditional polling, the Resonate insights factor in not only what people say, but what they do and most importantly why they do it.

The Resonate Platform anonymously analyzes 10 billion daily online events on more than 550 million devices across 2 trillion words on 35,000 topics. AI shows us in real-time which candidates saw the biggest lift or decline in viewings of favorable content about them based on online behavior in the five days prior to, and five days following, the debate. This is what we refer to as the Resonate Candidate Index (RCI). AI revealed a clearer picture of where the polls are headed and who the American electorate really viewed as the winners and losers of the third debate.

Who moved the needle during the fourth democratic debates?

Tulsi Gabbard saw a huge increase in post-debate ranking, moving from seventh to first place. The Resonate platform is predicting a surge in her polling over the next few weeks due to the amount of interaction with positive content about her. She saw a 1,335% increase in the days following the debate. Joe Biden has remained in second place as his positive content interaction has barely budged. Elizabeth Warren saw a drop, falling in positive content interaction by 27%.

In addition to Tulsi Gabbard, other big winners from the debate included Michael Bennet (+573%), moving from 11th place to seventh place; Andrew Yang (+374%), who moved from eighth place up to fifth place and Cory Booker (+155%).

The biggest losers in the debate were Amy Klobuchar (-58%), moving from ninth to 11th place; Eric Swalwell (-43%), moving from 13th to 15th place and Kamala Harris (-37%), falling sharply from fourth place to ninth place.

See the full breakdown of the increase and decrease post-debate below:

Democratic Debate #3 The Results Are In

Changing Minds: How did the debate impact voter engagement?

We ranked the candidates as far as pre-debate and post-debate engagement, shown below, which is a picture of the changes that took place surrounding the debate:

Democratic Debate #3 The Results Are In

Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bennet saw the biggest lift in positive engagement, while Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren saw some drop-off in engagement after the debate. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg stayed strong throughout.

The RCI has been startlingly accurate in the past, predicting the rise in popularity of both Elizabeth Warren and then Andrew Yang, so a surge in interest in Tulsi Gabbard is likely underway as we move towards November.

Stay with Resonate throughout the 2020 election season for real-time, AI-driven updates on the Resonate Candidate Index. Our next post-debate engagement check-in will be following the next democratic debates in November. AI-driven predictive analytics help campaigns discover voter segments that the traditional voter file and third-party data analysis could never find.

Want to see the platform in action? Schedule a demo now and prepare to be floored.

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