What Happened to Interest in the Democratic Candidates?

What Democratic primary candidates have benefited from Impeachment? Which have suffered?

The Resonate Candidate Index (RCI) is a measurement of real-time engagement with online content centered on each of the Democratic primary candidates in the 2020 election season. Resonate uses AI-driven voter insights combined with best-in-class survey research, as well as the monitoring of more than 90% of U.S. online web browsing. This creates a deeply nuanced picture of the American electorate at the individual level, and it exposes many surprises that campaigns might not know.

Resonate analyzes over 10 billion daily online events of more than 550 million devices, revealing the collective consciousness of American voters at the individual level. We’ve been following this index throughout the Democratic primaries, and we also noticed that there has been an incredible amount of engagement around congressional district and impeachment engagement since the inquiry launched in September.

So, what does this mean for our Democratic candidates? The RCI confirmed what many had suspected: engagement around almost all of the primary contenders declined in the five days following the launch of the impeachment inquiry. Only Tulsi Gabbard, who saw a whopping 339% increase in engagement, albeit from a low base, saw an increase in the amount of positively framed content about her in the days following the launch of the impeachment inquiry.

A breakdown follows below:

What Happened to Interest in the Democratic Candidates?

How Has the Impeachment Inquiry Influenced Online Engagement?

The RCI also ranks candidates based on pre- and post-event engagement. The candidates ranked below are shown ranked in amount of positive engagement with content about them on the day that the inquiry was launched.

What Happened to Interest in the Democratic Candidates?

As shown, Tulsi Gabbard saw a huge lift in engagement, moving from 11th in the standings to 4th, and most other candidates, while they stayed near or in the same place as they were before the engagement (Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren remained first and second), many saw a drop in engagement, including Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Yang.

Stay with Resonate throughout the 2020 election season for real-time, AI-driven updates on the RCI. Our next post-debate engagement check-in will be five days following the next Democratic debate in October. AI-driven analytics help campaigns discover new voter segments that the traditional voter file and third-party data analysis could never find.

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