Connected Profiles

Discover who your customer is in the U.S. consumer landscape

Resonate’s Connected Profiles provide marketers with a unique ability to take insights from their research and take action. Connected Profiles include 13,000+ consumer attributes on more than 200 million unique profiles tied to over 550 million devices. The Resonate Identity Graph connects first-party web, mobile and offline data to the Connected Profiles which can be leveraged anywhere in a marketer’s ecosystem.

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National Consumer Study

Resonate’s largest consumer independent research study with data fielded from a random sample of 100,000+ consumers. Questions ask the what that drives the why behind everyday consumer decisions.

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Identity Graph

Resonate leverages an industry-leading cross device graph, our own identity graph and our Connected Profiles to unite a fragmented mobile and web ecosystem. Over 550 million devices reside in our graph, modeled nightly with 13,000+ attributes.

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Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform is ready to go for your team. It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and your competitor’s customers.

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