How Advanced Audience Intelligence Drives Revenue Growth

Empower your media and advertising with better intelligence, targeting & connectivity to drive revenue

Stay ahead of the transformation in today’s complex media environment. Resonate provides the most updated insights across several industries so you can optimize ad revenue and grow subscribers. Empower your sales teams pre-and post-sales to optimize ad revenue. Optimize cross-channel digital distribution of content and owned & operated (O&O) content. Log in to instantly access 13,000 new insights about your website’s visitors, paywall subscribers, in-app video watchers, ticket buyers, CRM lists and more to drive growth and revenue. It’s time for an upgrade.

Why Media & Entertainment Companies Choose Resonate

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Increase Digital Revenue

Reduce Third-Party Data Costs

Improved Audience Relevance

Hyper-Relevant Insights Specific to Your Industry

Large Publishers

We’ll help you better serve your advertisers by revealing a holistic understanding of your audience’s values, motivations and interests in order to provide current and prospective advertisers with a 360-degree view of who they are. The better you understand your audience, the more successful you’ll be in positioning your inventory for maximum revenue and relevance​.

Broadcast Networks

Resonate helps you understand more about what makes your viewers different and helps you refine your strategy to activate the exact device for your audiences across channels. It’s all part of the most comprehensive media consumption study on OTT and traditional cable channels in the industry. Couple this with our other insights including media consumption, readership and viewership both offline and online, podcasts, streaming, subscriptions, studio releases and more.

Medium & Small Publishers

Meet your end-to-end solution. From research and insights to DMP capabilities and activation, Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform is your single-source solution to ad revenue growth.


Resonate has the largest proprietary taxonomy on movie-goers, why they go to the movies, their favorite genres and more. Couple this with the most comprehensive media consumption on OTT, traditional and cable channels and 13,000+ attributes to help you refine your strategy and activate the exact device for your audiences across channels. Resonate covers your releases from pre-launch and in-market to DVD launch.

Resonate Delivers Results for Media & Entertainment Publishers and Studios

80% Advertiser renewal rate
50% Reduce third-party data costs by more than
72% Penetration of Resonate insights to existing advertisers

“The data from Resonate matches up with data from our other partners. I think about a day when I might be able to turn off those other expenses and just rely on a smaller portfolio of partners like Resonate. That’s a real welcome expense savings to my business.”

- Steve Yaeger, CMO, Star Tribune


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