Connected Research Solutions

Modernize custom studies with connected, scaled research tools

Don’t rely on antiquated surveys to power your research strategy. Discover a dynamic, connected approach to custom research. Resonate custom studies are automatically connected to our deep consumer data set and instantly scale to the US consumer base. Your newly connected insights continuously update in the Resonate Ignite Platform for your own personalized view of the American (and your!) consumer.

Launch Connected Research for Targeted Results

Connected Research Solutions

Connected Flash Study

A custom survey run outside of our National Consumer Study, that gives you results in weeks, not months. Data resulting from a Flash Study is available for audience creation and activation only.

Connected Research Solutions

Connected Spark Study

Add custom survey questions to our core research engine, the National Consumer Study. Data resulting from a Spark Study is available for audience creation, activation, data append, and will be available for insights against audiences in the platform.

Connected Typing Tool

Access a granular understanding of consumers and prospects by transforming your typing tools into large-scale measurable and actionable segments. Enrich them against 13,000+ attributes that are scaled to over 200 million profiles.

Connected Research Solutions

Connected Contextual Study

Use hyper-targeted custom keywords to collect and analyze digital behavior for insights and activation. Custom topics leverage Resonate’s scale of 10 billion daily events and are delivered within days.

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3-Minute Cheat Sheet

Implement a 360-degree view of the consumer to strengthen connections.


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How a brand used Resonate to improve their product offerings and grow revenue.

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Moving Beyond Cardboard Personas

Build highly targeted audiences that drive performance.

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